MURAT - 131
4 Headlights / Horizontal Taillamps

Scale : 1/24
Started: 04 August 2013
Finished: 14 September 2013    

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Conversion of previously made Murat (Fiat)-131 model to the next version, with 4 round headlights and horizontal taillights. I will build the model of my own car that I had used during 1990-1992.

04 August 2013:
I used another one of the blank front grille to make the 4 round headlight type. Then I made a silicone mold and cast a resin part.

12 August 2013:
I decided to make the taillights as two parts, the lens and the reflector. I made both masters from styrene sheet. For the ripples on the lens, I made use of the sticky carrier for PVC-folios. Then I made molds from these masters.

14 August 2013:
I cast the lens with UV-hardening Bondic and painted with clear paints. I cast the reflector from resin and covered with Bare Metal Foil.
I had made the reflector on the left as a trial part. The concavity at the reversing light was too emphasized so I deleted it and made a new reflector.
On the right are two different painting shades.

17 August 2013:
For the headlights, I first made a mold and cast a sample with UV-hardening Bondic. However, the round lenses had to be thick to be properly inserted in the front grille, and the Bondic turned out too yellowish due to thickness. I did not like it, and thought of another method.
I slightly rounded the tip of an aluminum rod and scribed lines with a file. I heated a piece of acetate and pressing over the aluminum rod, the tip took the shape. Then I cut the tip at a proper distance from the end, and had the lens. Harder but more satisfactory method... 

I marked on the front panel, where the headlights would be, and carved the reflectors with Dremel. I covered partly with Bare Metal Foil.

Checking the headlights... On the left photo, the inner one has the lens and the outer one is plain. On the right photo the Bondic-made lens that I previously mentioned is present for comparison.   

Visual inspection with both lenses in place. 

25 August 2013:
For the horizontal taillight rear panel, I made the adaptation by glueing a styrene slab to the bottom of the rear panel, then applied putty and sanding.

27 August 2013:
I made the door rear view mirror from styrene and the mirror arm from a metal wire. I made a mold then made a copy casting with metal wire inserted. In the photos, on the left is the master and on the right is the copy.

02 September 2013:
I covered the floor and the seats. I printed the texture of the seats on  plain paper towel and fixed it on the seats with spray glue.

13 September 2013:
I made two pillows to put inside the rear window. Not for this one, but for another model, however I publish the manufacturing here.
I downloaded a pillow photo from the internet, reduced to suitable size, printed on paper (symmetrically- both sides). Then I applied alminum duct tape on the back side and gave a bulge vith a suitable male/female die set.

After cutting the pillow sides on contours, I glued them back to back.

14 September 2013:  Finished Photos