MURAT - 131
(FIAT-131 Mirafiori)

Scale : 1/24
Started: 07 August 2011
Finished: 05 April 2013

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This is the model of Murat-131 (Fiat-131 Mirafiori made in Turkey). The only existing 1/24 model of this car is a die-cast model made by Burago, which lacks fine details and unacceptable as a model concerning the front grille and the boot lid. I will use this model as a basis to produce a resin model.

07 August 2011:
The model as original, before disassembly.

Die-cast and Italeri's 131 Abarth bodies side by side. I will use the boot lid from the Abarth body to replace the unauthentic boot lid of the die-cast.

12 August 2011:
I drew the parting lines of the boot lid, front fender and front door.

13 August 2011:
I dismantled the body and removed the paint by automotive paint remover.

I engraved the parting lines of the front fender and door with Dremel engraver.

14 August 2011:
I removed the metal from the boot opening with Dremel cutter. I also cut the boot lid off from the Abarth body and scraped the rear spoiler.

28 June 2011:
I trimmed the rear opening until only the window rubber was left.

I sanded the parts until the boot lid fit in the opening properly.

04 September 2011:
The scripts on the back and side rear panels were big in proportion, and different from the Turkish production; so I shaved them off.

The door handles were too highly cast, so I shaved them proportionally.

02 October 2011:
The air intake grille region on the cowl was out of proportions, so I copied from Italeri's Abarth which was far better than the diecast one. The part I cast would stand too high on the present cowl, so I machined the region and glued the part in with CA glue.

04 October 2011:
I filled the hole in the boot lid, applied putty and sanded. Then I glued the boot lid in place with CA glue.

08 June 2012:
The side window frames and the B-post should be the same level, however they were not; so I had to make some corrections.

I manufactured the frame-fillers with brass sq. section at the front and styrene strip at  the rear.
Reason: Different necessary thicknesses at the front and rear.
I also added the quarter-glass bar at the front, which was present in early Turkish made productions.

After finishing the window frames, I cut the front end so that the front grille will fit and closed the unnecessary openings with putty.

10 June 2012:
I did not like the details of the die-cast hood and the grilles on it, so I decided to use the hood of Italeri kit. I cut off the air intake, glued a piece of styrene and applied putty and sanding.

29 December 2012:
Before pouring the silicone mold, I fixed the hood and the glasses on the body and sealed every joint with Testors clear part cement to prevent silicone leakage. I fixed the master model in the silicone-pouring box with UHU Patafix, then I poured the RTV silicone in the box.

03 February 2013:
After the female mold was ready, I prepared a male mold and cast the first sample. However, this sample proved to be too thick in the shell, so I thinned the body shell by removing material. Then, using this shell, I made the male mold.

Pictures of the second cast body shell.

I prepared the instrument panel for casting, made the mold and cast a resin part.